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SymReport™ FAQ's

How much does SymReport™ cost?

For employers who have less than 30 employees, it is a monthly fee of $30 per month. For employers over thirty employees, it is $1 per employee, per month in your employee roster. For example, if an employer has 20 employees, the cost is $30 per month, or if an employer has 400 employees, the cost is $400 per month.

The state provides a free app, why use SymReport™?

SymReport™ is designed with employers first, including a robust dashboard and historical tracking - helping employers limit liability with an option to provide limited data to the government. State-provided free apps are designed with a focus on data collection for public health, require a lot of personal information, and only notify employers if an employee has symptoms.

Is there a trial of SymReport™?

Yes, we offer a 7-day trial.

How do I pay for SymReport™?

We accept Credit Card: Visa, MC, and AMEX.

How do I cancel the service?

Email from an administrator’s email address in your SymReport™ instance with the subject, “Cancel” before your next billing cycle begins.

What information do you need from employers to sign up?

To get started, an employer needs to signup by providing their company name, an HR contact, and a SymReport™ administrator name with an email address. Once your SymReport™ workspace is set up, you will need to upload an employee roster.

Can I sign up my employees, or do they have to sign up?

Employers will need to upload an employee roster to register their employees.

What information do I need for an employee roster?

An employee ID and a temporary password. Optionally, you may provide the employee name and email address.

What is an employee ID?

This is simply an identifier for the employee. Employers may use an email address, phone number, or if they have one, an employee ID number.

What is needed for a temporary password?

A minimum of 4 characters is required for a temporary password. Once a user logs in for the first time, they will change their password.

Where does the information in SymReport™ go?

At this time, only to the employer. If the employer opts-in, basic non-personally identifiable information can be shared wit MIDHHS. No data is shared with MIOSHA or any other entity tasked with workplace enforcement.

How quickly will I find out if my employee has COVID-19 symptoms?

Within minutes of an employee completing a wellness check identifying symptoms, a notification will be sent to administrators of your SymReport™ instance via email and will appear in the dashboard.

Who is tracking the symptoms, do I need to notify other employees of those?

Employer administrators of SymReport™ will receive alerts. We recommend training this employee on appropriate next steps when symptoms are identified, applying the proper protocols to keep the employee out of the building.

Do I get a real-time dashboard of what is happening within my organization?

Yes, your dashboard includes:

  •        ●   Total Employees
  •        ●   Number of check-ins
  •        ●   Number of passed check-ins
  •        ●   Number of failed check-ins showing symptoms
  •        ●   Date selector for historical information
  •        ●   Data export to common formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc)

Do we need to maintain the system in any way?

No, this is a cloud-based software as a service. The employer only needs to respond to information from the app (i.e., on sick employees) appropriately by ensuring that they stay away from the workplace.

How do employees access SymReport™?

Employees will access the wellness check via a web browser on desktop or mobile devices. Each employer will have a unique web address to go to. For example, where the employer name is “demo”.

Do we need to walk our employees through the process?

Employees should not require training on sign up and use of SymReport™. Employers are required to train employees on their COVID-19 preparedness plan, which will include protocol in the case of a symptomatic event. Employers will also have to distribute their unique “employerURL”, “Employee ID”, and “Temporary Password” to employees in order for employees to login.

I am an administrator and locked out of my account, now what?

If employer administrators are experiencing issues, they can contact

My employee is locked out, can I help them fix it?

Employer administrators can log in and give the locked out user a temporary password.

Do you have a mobile app?

Not at this time. A user may access the site with any modern browser on their device as a website. Users may "Add to Home Screen" from their browser to make it appear as an application from their icons.

Who built SymCheck™ and why?

BizStream, a software development company in West Michigan built SymCheck™ to allow our team to come back to the office and work. We've since added on to it to allow for others to use the sofware in various ways. We're always looking to solve complex problems with code.

Who provides support for SymCheck?

BizStream will provide support for the software. To access support visit

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